Contoh Soal UKG Online Gelombang Kedua Bahasa Inggris SMP

1. Librarian : Stop talking, please!
You disturb other visitors.
Students : ... We didn’t mean it.
a. We are sorry.
b. We are disappointed.
c. We are happy.
d. We are displeased.
2. Putri wants to apply for a job. Now the manager is interviewing her.
Mr. Susilo : What foreign language can you speak?
Putri : English and French.
Mr. Susilo : …
Putri : Yes, fifty words a minute.
a. Can you help me?
b. Can you type?
c. Would you type this letter?
d. Can you write letters?
3. Mr. Hasan : Would you get me a cup of tea, please?
Housemaid : I am sorry, sir. ... no tea left. We have only coffee.
a. There is
b. There isn’t
c. There are
d. There aren’t
4. Edo : ..., sir. I come late.
Teacher : That’s all right. Go to your seat.
a. Let me explain
b. I’m sorry
c. I’m happy
d. Sorry to trouble you
5. Reza : I’ve got a problem with my computer. ... you repair it?
Rudy : Yes, but have you brought it to a computer technician before?
Reza : Not yet.
Rudy : Bring your computer here and I will check it.
a. Will
b. Shall
c. Can
d. Must
6. Egis : By the way, can I buy a nice dress in Bandung?
Nadila : Of course … some outlets in Bandung which offer many kinds of beautiful clothes.
Egis : Really? I can’t wait to go there.
a. There is
b. There are
c. They are
d. Those are
7. Susanti : Can I have some apples, please?
Salesman : … do you want?
Susanti : The Australian ones, please!
a. How many
b. How many
c. Which
d. What
8. Dessi : How often do you swim a week?
Windi : Actually twice. But last week I only ... once, because I prepared myself for the
a. swim
b. swam
c. will swim
d. have swum
9. Rita : Mom, I would like to make an omelette.
What ingredients do I need to prepare?
Mother : Prepare two or three eggs, five ... of onion, a little salt, a little chilli, and some
coconut oil.
a. sheets
b. slices
c. packs
d. sacks
10. A : Can you take my umbrella, please?
B : There are four umbrellas here. … is yours?
A : The black one, please.
a. What
b. Which
c. What sort
d. Where
11. Winda : Look ! The flowers are beautiful.
Who … them?
Lidya : I did, and I watered them regularly.
a. are planting
b. planted
c. plants
d. plant
12. Lidya : There is not any sugar left, Ratna.
We need … to make cakes.
Ratna : Okay, I’ll buy it then. Do we need eggs, too?
Lidya : No, we don’t.
a. many
b. a lot
c. a few
d. any
13. X : I want to take my pill.
Y : Sure! A minute, please.
a. Do you want some?
b. Can you get me a glass of water, please?
c. Can you take me to the doctor, please?
d. Will you buy it for me, please?
14. Anton : What kind of clothes do you like to wear on your birthday party?
Anita : Traditional clothes.
Anton : Traditional clothes?
Anita : Yeah, I ... ask the dressmaker to get it ready next week.
a. can
b. will
c. must
d. may
15. Utomo : I think this shirt needs ironing.
Rika : No, I … it. Touch it. It’s still warm.
a. iron
b. will iron
c. am ironing
d. have ironed
16. Suci : What’s the matter with you?
Bella : I’ve got a headache.
Suci : Yes, of course.
a. Could you get me an “Oskadon”, please?
b. What about going to the doctor?
c. Why don’t you go and see a doctor?
d. Could I help you?
17. Mrs. Yanto : What about our new uniform? Are you going to sew it yourself?
Mrs. Fakih : No, I’m not. I ... to the dressmaker next Sunday.
a. go
b. went
c. have gone
d. will go
18. Lani : My father ... to Singapore.
Sonya : How long will he be there?
Lani : For two weeks.
a. went
b. goes
c. has gone
d. may go
19. Intan : Mom, can I go to the zoo next Sunday?
Mother : I’m afraid you can’t. We ... your grandmother next Sunday.
a. visit
b. visited
c. have visited
d. are going to visit
20. Mr. Blake : Is there a hotel around here?
Tono : Yes, there is. It’s Mawar Hotel.
Mr. Blake : ... is it from here?
Tono : Just 2 blocks.
a. How far
b. How near
c. How distant
d. How fast
21. Novi : Can I go to the movie with my friends?
Mother : ..., but go home directly after the movie.
Novi : I will. Thanks, Mom.
a. Yes, certainly
b. I’m afraid not
c. I don’t think so
d. I’m afraid you can’t
22. Ardiyono : Have you got any plans for us on Sunday morning, Agus?
Agus : Yes, we ... to the Safari Park next Sunday.
Ardiyono : Oh, it’s great!
a. go
b. went
c. were going
d. are going to go
23. Officer : Could I have your name, please?
Ali Topan : It’s Topan. Ali Topan.
Officer : And ... are you, Mr. Topan?
Ali Topan : I’m 25 years.
a. how old
b. how tall
c. how big
d. how heavy
24. Ida : May I go to the concert tonight, Father?
Father : … You have to study for your final exam.
Ida : But I really want to.
Father : You can go next time.
a. Of course, you may.
b. Why not.
c. Yes, please.
d. It’s not a good idea.
25. Sarwono : I think we can find the motel easily next week.
Cahyono : … You know next week is the beginning of the holiday.
Eko : So, we’d better book the motel now.
Cahyono : That’s a good idea.
a. I’m quite sure you can.
b. I have no doubt.
c. I’m absolutely certain.
d. I doubt that.
26. Andina : What about taking a taxi to Gambir?
Bachtiar : ... We still have much time.
Besides, we don’t have much money.
a. I’m afraid we don’t.
b. I’m with you.
c. Good idea.
d. It’s okay.
27. Yani : Where are you going next holiday?
Didin : ... yet, but I might go to Solo.
a. I don’t doubt
b. I’m ready
c. I’m not sure
d. I don’t believe
28. Rosa : Next Sunday we will have a holiday, won’t we? What about going to Mount Bromo?
Rima : ... because the air in Mount Bromo is too cold. I am sure we cannot stand of it.
a. I disagree
b. I agree with you
c. That’s a good idea
d. There is no doubt about it
29. Mrs. Syarif : Oh, what a nice washing machine!
Mrs. Hindun : It is. It’s just Rp1,199,000.00 Buy now.
Mrs. Syarif : It’s … for me. I can’t afford it.
a. rather cheap
b. really good
c. too expensive
d. so wonderful
30. Anita : How was your trip to Manado?
Budi : Interesting. … enjoyed it.
That was our first trip to Manado.
a. Anybody
b. Everybody
c. Nobody
d. Somebody
31. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph.
1. At the ceremony, the coffin was carried up to the burial place.
2. He is kept in a coffin until the funeral ceremony.
3. Buffaloes are slaughtered and the meat is eaten as food by the people.
4. The coffin is placed in a hole with a wooden statue in front of it.
5. In Toraja, if a person dies, he is not buried directly.
a. 3–5–2–1–4
b. 1–4–3–2–5
c. 5–2–3–1–4
d. 2–1–5–4–3
32. Dona : Look! …
Mother : Yes, that’s right. Father told me that it was also comfortable.
Dona : Will it take us to Bali?
Mother : I think so.
a. How nice it is!
b. What a big plane it is!
c. How expensive it is!
d. What a horrible plane!
33. Tourist A : Jakarta is a lovely city, ...
Tourist B : Well, but I prefer Yogyakarta.
a. is it?
b. does it?
c. isn’t it?
d. doesn’t it?
34. Santy : Nobody can buy the computer. It’s ... expensive for us.
Bella : I know, but remember we badly need it, don’t we?
Santy : That’s right but let’s try to get the cheap one.
a. rather
b. a bit
c. fairly
d. too
35. Laila : I dropped by Mr. Alfa’s house but I met … there.
Pesta : Did anybody tell you where he went?
Laila : No.
a. everyone
b. someone
c. anyone
d. no one
36. Choose the right order of the following sentences.
1. It takes place within three or more days.
2. The more important the person who dies, the more buffaloes they kill.
3. It is carried out in honour of the dead person.
4. One of the Torajan traditions is the funeral.
5. It is done by slaughtering a water buffallo.
a. 2, 5, 4, 3, 1
b. 2, 3, 5, 4, 1
c. 4, 3, 1, 5, 2
d. 4, 3, 5, 2, 1
37. Tina : Did you attend the funeral ceremony yesterday?
Rony : Yes, I did. But it took long time … I went home earlier.
a. and
b. but
c. then
d. so
38. Andari : What’s the name of that flower?
Mulyani : I don’t know for certain. I think it’s a rose.
Andari : No, I don’t think so. Roses have thorns.
Mulyani : Perhaps it’s a hibiscus.
Andari : You are ... right. It looks like a hibiscus to me.
a. probably
b. certainly
c. really not
d. probably not
39. Winarsih : Oh, that rose is very nice. May I touch it?
Halim : ... It has very sharp thorns.
Winarsih : Really? I’ll see it.
a. I rather doubt that.
b. You are kidding.
c. Be careful.
d. Maybe.
40. Teacher : There are some rules to obey in a conservation.
You cannot pick anything in it.
Students : What about catching the animals.
Teacher : You ....
a. can do that too
b. cannot do it either
c. have to do it
d. you may do it
41. Dina : Do you know Rafflesia Arnoldi?
Rani : Yes, it smells very bad … it is a beautiful flower.
Dina : And it is also the biggest flower in the world.
a. although
b. but
c. and
d. or
42. Irma : Mardi Lestari was the fastest sprinter in 1989.
Yetty : He’s the fastest … in Indonesia but also in Asia.
a. both
b. either
c. neither
d. not only
43. Santi : Wow! It’s cool and nice.
And look at this seat and that TV …
Rinto : Yeah, you’re right.
a. What is a luxurious train?
b. What train is luxurious?
c. What a luxurious train it is!
d. What is it? A luxurious train
44. Yuni : How could an Indonesian sprinter, Kalimanto, defeat a Malaysian sprinter, Rosman
Alwi in the last SEA GAMES?
Sony : Everyone knows that Kalimanto ran … Rosman Alwi.
a. fast
b. as fast as
c. faster than
d. the fastest
45. These animals have become very rare in Indonesia because people used to hunt them for skin
and sport.
They look like large cats and have yellow fur with black spots and long tails.
The animals are ....
a. lions
b. leopards
c. tigers
d. panthers
46. X : Why should we reduce the use of freon?
Y : Well, you know that freon ... the hole in our ozon layer bigger and bigger.
a. will make
b. has made
c. is making
d. made
47. Irwan : Is air also a natural resource?
Mr. Bakri : Well, in fact, it is one of our most natural resources.
We will die without enough air to breathe.
Irwan : But in big cities the air has been polluted.
Mr. Bakri : You’re right. The air in some cities has become polluted … factory chimneys
pour smokes in the sky, cars and other vehicles emit gas that mixes with the air.
a. because
b. therefore
c. although
d. when
48. Rini : Did you see the play in the cultural night?
Bella : Yes, I did. But the story was boring and the actors were not good.
Rini : ... you did not watch the play up to the end and went home.
Bella : You’re right.
a. Because
b. So
c. Though
d. However
49. Zein : Can Edelweis grow anywhere in Indonesia?
Bob : ... According to the theory, it can only grow in a certain place.
Zein : Are you sure?
Bob : Yes. If you don’t believe it, let’s ask our biology teacher, Mr. Abraham.
a. It’s possible.
b. It’s impossible.
c. I hope so.
d. I think so.
50. A : ... The lion is dangerous.
B : Thank you.
a. Don’t move!
b. Watch out!
c. Be careful!
d. Look out!
51. Rina : Look! The baby zebra cannot find its food.
Anto : It doesn’t know the danger in its surrounding ....
Rina : I think so.
a. too
b. so
c. either
d. neither
52. Raka : What are these plants in the pot for?
Kiki : I am doing my experiment.
Raka : What do you want to prove?
Kiki : The importance of water for the plants.
Raka : What do you get?
Kiki : Look! This plant grows well, ... that one doesn’t.
Because I treat them differently.
a. although
b. so
c. but
d. when
53. Hafifi : What do you think of Ronaldo?
Habib : He’s … confident but also strong.
a. nor
b. both
c. rather
d. not only
54. X : Did you watch the sport program on TV last night?
Y : Yes, of course. I think Taufik Hidayat will be a champion in the Indonesia Open
X : I think so. He played … than before.
a. carefully
b. more carefully
c. the most carefully
d. as carefully
55. It belongs to reptile; it has four legs.
It uses its tail as weapon when it fights.
It is originally from one of the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago.
People call its name the same as its place of origin. What animal is it?
a. Crocodile
b. Alligator
c. Phyton
d. Komodo
56. Yuni : Will you come to the meeting?
Bob : I don’t know. I can’t make up my mind.
What’s the topic we’re going to talk about?
Yuni : Water supplies for our village. It’s interesting I think, isn’t it?
Bob : Okay then. I will come if it ....
a. doesn’t rain
b. didn’t rain
c. isn’t raining
d. hasn’t rained
57. Anto : Indonesia has to import rice next year.
Mike : How come? Indonesia is an agricultural country.
Anto : There are some reasons for that.
Mike : Like what?
Anto : The harvest failed ... natural disasters occured.
a. although
b. because
c. but
d. and
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