Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Semester 1

Soal Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII Semester 1
--> I. Complete the following dialogues with the right expressions.
1. Nadia : Hey, Riza, you know what? My painting will be published in Hello magazine next month!Riza : Wow, that’s __________, Nadia. _______________!
Nadia : Thank you. I really worked hard for that.
Riza : I know you did, and I’m sure it’s a great painting. I can’t
wait to see it.
2. Mida : I wonder ________________________.
Ann : Tell me when.
Mida : Next weekend actually.
Ann : Let me think it over, and I will tell you later.
3. Dika : ___________________.
Firda : Does it look all right?
Dika : Yes, and it matches your scarf perfectly.
Firda : Thank you.
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4. Stranger : _________________?
Fahmi : Japanese Restaurant? Walk up Rajawali Street, and turn left. It’s on the right.
Stranger : _____________.
5. Clerk : May I help you?
Customer : _________________________.
Clerk ` : The shoe department is over there. To the right of the
sports department.
6. Riza : _____________________?
Nana : Sure. It’s ten thirty.
Riza : Thanks. Wow, it’s ten minutes left. I have to hurry.
7. Customer : Could I have another plastic bag, please?
Clerk : ___________________.
Customer : Thank you.
8. Boy : _____________________?
Librarian : Yes, of course. You can renew the novel twice.
Boy : _____________________?
Librarian : Sorry, you can’t check out this magazine.
9. Stranger :______________________?
Rahmi : The Brawijaya Museum is at the corner. Just walk down this street.
10. Rina : My motorcycle doesn’t start. _______________________?
Tati : I am sorry. Mine is being repaired.

II. Complete the following post card that tells about your experience on holiday.
Hi ________________, Greetings from _____________. I arrived _____________and I am having a great time now. This morning, ____________________ . Tomorrow, ____________________. I enjoy ___________________. I will be back _____________. See you soon. Regards, ________________

III. Write a note based on the information below.
101 mini bus --- get off Sriwijaya Inn --- walk down Singasari Street --- first crossroad --- turn left --- about 5-minute walk --- my house, Garuda Street No. 13
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